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Vehicle SmartLease/SmartBuy Overview

Get into the GM Vehicle You Really Want

Get into the GM Vehicle You Really Want

Both SmartLease and SmartBuy offer affordable and convenient ways to drive a new GM vehicle. Contact Ken to see how you can get behind the wheel of a new GM vehicle today.

Plan Options

SmartLease allows you to pay for the portion of the vehicle you expect to use during the contract period, plus a rent charge, taxes and fees.

SmartLease Plus offers the same great SmartLease benefits without the monthly payments.

SmartBuy combines many of the benefits found in both traditional financing and leasing. Enjoy lower monthly payments with a final balloon payment and you own the vehicle.


If you qualify, everything can be arranged quickly and conveniently at your GM dealership/retailer to get you into the GM vehicle of your choice. And you'll see there's no smarter way to finance than a smart solution from GMAC.

Term Options

With a smart solution tailored to your needs, you get all the pleasure of driving the new GM vehicle with payments that can be considerably lower than traditional financing.

Ken Nichols Car Guy
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